Pieces of my HEART…

I have been surrounded by a lot of people since my birth. Family, relatives, family friends; all individuals showered their blessings and care through different mediums. Who made it a point that I exceed their expectations throughout my life; however my achievements were not as per their standards and judgments. It’s a fact that we... Continue Reading →


We calculate our life according to our own criteria’s. We humans have set some high ends records for ourselves and even for our dear ones from which we decide we should be happy or sad for self or our dear ones achievements and life track. Well it’s good to think about future and it’s even... Continue Reading →

Misjudged Mind

In today’s world do we even think from our mind? Well we do but only to a certain percent and many of the time for wrong reasons. To be precise majority of people only take opinion from the most important gift of God “BRAIN”. But our mind plays a crucial role in every decision we... Continue Reading →

Real Life…Real People

I have always wondered what is the real meaning of the word "REAL"...such a small word isn't it, but it's meaning always gave me a tough time. All of my friends laughed at me when I raised this question and they were like are you still in a nursery or what...? still don't know its... Continue Reading →

The Hidden Curse…

It is a well-known fact that things don't end until you end...And I truly believe in this because of which I have a habit of running reverse from the dead end. Many of my dear one's pointed out this as my mistake and the more experienced one tried to explain that the dead end might... Continue Reading →

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